Thermal imaging camera, thermal imager, thermal imaging module - DALI-TECH

  • Fire fighting
    F2 Firefighting thermal imaging camera has a transparent smoke performance. Not only it can quickly find the target in the smoke environment
  • Intelligent grid
    As to the system, we specially design for low temperature environment: the system jammers, holder, controlling box increased with automatic
  • Perimeter security solution
    Prison perimeter security is very important not only because it locks many dangerous criminals they will harm
  • Body Temperature Measurement
    Body temperature thermal imaging cameras are widely applied in large public areas such as airport, wharf, trai
  • Boundary and Sea security solution
    Thermal camera together with visible camera, auto-switch between thermal image and visible light image, consta
  • Petroleum and Petrified security solution
    Equipments in petrochemical production work in the high-temperature and high-pressure conditions, lurki