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  • Fire fighting

    Fire fighting

    F2 Firefighting thermal imaging camera has a transparent smoke performance. Not only it can quickly find the target in the smoke environment, but it can find the escape exits. Widely used in a variety of devices in the dectection of the production site and distinguished the possible hazards during operation, thus it can ensure the normal operation of equipment and avoid fire and other safety accidents.
  • Construction industry applications

    Construction industry applications

    Infrared imaging system according to the radiant energy of sunlight wall, a large area, the non-contact detection, visual display wall surface temperature distribution, the detection of external finishes layer or wall that exist within the various defects,precise basis for the maintenance and engineering assessment has very important social benefits, is to take preventive measures.
  • Intelligent grid

    Intelligent grid

    As to the system, we specially design for low temperature environment: the system jammers, holder, controlling box increased with automatic temperature control device. The power cable used in the system adopts armoured cable and power cable, and except the cable duct we use galvanized tube so as to avoid the interference from the highfield and high magnetic fields of the electric substation.
  • Police Observation Application

    Police Observation Application

    Police-using thermal imaging telescopes enjoy the features of lightweight, easy operation, strong environmental adaptability, could realize 24 round hours surveillance in a variety of harsh environments, especially during the night of total darkness. The police-using thermal imaging telescopes have become an indispensable tool for law enforcement, and are widely applied for rescuing missing persons, searching for fugitives and drug trafficking, monitoring the surrounding and so on.
  • Body Temperature Measurement

    Body Temperature Measurement

    Body temperature thermal imaging cameras are widely applied in large public areas such as airport, wharf, train& bus station and building. It is easy to operate, no training needed. In large scale population, it can scan quickly, detect continuously.
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